Sunday, 11 January 2009

Three going on 15....

It was our lovely D's birthday on the 7th January!
I can't believe she is so big now, where did the last 3 years go ..........

Monday, 5 January 2009


I love starting a new year. Not that 2008 was a bad year, but starting a new year feels full of promise and the unknown and the feeling that anything is possible.

I have already had a few ideas for some new makes - including this doll which I made for my neice. Annie doll (my sister named her as she looks like their hairdresser!) has already been on an outing to the library! I really enjoyed making her and ideas for other dolls are all ready flowing! I have already made one more for D's 3rd birthday on wednesday - which is all wrapped up now so no sneaky pics of her!

All the little girls I know, please expect to get one of these for your birthday this year!