Sunday, 28 June 2009

A very fun day

I feel like I have been a busy bee of late, sewing lots including some keyrings for the Makey Do goodie bags. Not all were as good as I would have liked and I worked out what I was doing the more I did, but phew I was so glad to get all 60 of them made. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of them before I sent them to Jenny! I have also been appliquing anything I can get my hands on for my stall! Will post some pics of the new things I have made soon.

Well a bit late but here are some pictures from the fun day we went to at Tankerton Slopes last Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day, hurrah!

Me, my mum-in-law and the kids were very excited to see a Lancaster bomber fly over, it had been the air show in Margate and they did a fly over Whitstable on their way home!

The kids had fun on the rides - the first time they have ever been on them! F was always too scared before (there is normally a yes I will, not I won't moment with F hopping on and off of the ride and money exchanged and then handed back!) but he loved it this year and D was big enough to go on.
They also had a ride in the fire engine too!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

A lovely handmade find

I was very excited to come across this gorgeous skirt in a charity shop in town. I loved the fabric and the style, but it was only as I looked closer for a label that I realised it was handmade. And how beautifully made it is too. I am very curious as to how anyone could give away such handmade loveliness, but very lucky it was for me as it fits perfectly!

It's Father's Day today, but my Dad is on holiday and L has gone sailing with his Dad! Happy Father's Day anyway you three! We are going to head up to Tankerton Slopes today for the Fun Day, where there will be a lots of stalls and rides etc and hopefully a fly over, heading our way from the Margate Air show! More photos to follow, fingers crossed the sun comes out as it is hiding at the moment!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fun at the beach

Had a lovely catch up with my friend Zoe on Wednesday. She came for a trip to the sea with her 2 youngest Lily and Max. The reasons we met - Felix and Darcie, whom we were pregnant with when we met at NCT classes 6 years ago, were both at school - well, Felix was actually on a school trip to the Natural History Museum.
It is so nice catching up with friends, especially ones we don't see so often nowdays.

Ahh, don't they look sweet. Never too shy to pose for the camera is our Daisy (on the right!)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Create in Whitstable

Two lovely faces 'Created in Whitstable' at F's school fair yesterday!

D was a butterfly and F was less-obviously a dinosaur! He made very hard work for Liz the facepainter, as you can see from his screwed up face!! The first time he has ever had his facepainted, he has never wanted it done before, where as D is an old pro!

Now I would like to tell you about a local lady, doing a wonderful job in making Whitstable even more creative! Through organising the craft fair I have met lots of local, creative people. One of these is a lovely lady called Catriona Campbell. Catriona has extensive experience of tourism marketing, having previously worked in senior roles for among other companies, The London Tourist Board.

As part of this years Whitstable Oyster Festival in July, Catriona has co-ordinated some taster workshop sessions at the Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre, called Create in Whitstable. These workshops sound fantastic! For a mere £5 (including all materials) you can take part in a 2 hour workshop and create something fabulous to take home. There are some very talented people running the workshops - including two of my Craft fair stallholders Kirsty from Meplusmolly who will be showing you how to make beautiful shabby chic hearts and Gill Goldsmith who will be holding a beading workshop. The other workshops include felting, watercolours, oil painting, sculpting, self-portraits and mixed media art to name a few! Have a look at the Create in Whitstable website for full details.

Catriona is also developing Create in Kent, a business that will promote creative breaks including painting , sculpting, crafting, pottery and cookery workshops throughout Kent. Her website is well worth a look, she even gave me a very nice mention!. She is doing a fantastic job, promoting creativity and crafting in Kent and I hopefully in the future I may be involved in Create in Kent - although probably not a workshop - the mere thought of standing up in front of 10 or so people makes me come out in a cold sweat!.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another weekend sewing summer blouse!

Not being totally happy with the first one I made, I decided to make another summer blouse from the fantastic Heather Ross book Weekend Sewing.

Please excuse the crumpled, just-got-out-of-bed look! I fear it still looks a bit like pj's, but I loved this fabric, and have actually worn this one out and about - I didn't care if anyone thought I had just rolled out of bed!

I made a few adjustments to this one to suit me - I added 4 inches to the length, shorterned the placket and used the same fabric rather than a contrasting one. I also used the small pattern (which still came up quite big so I took it in a wee bit more).
I was much more pleased with this one! The hardest thing with this pattern is finding the right fabric! I am sure I will make another one, but I might have a go at something else in the book if I am brave enough!
Before that I need to get back to the sewing machine and make a bit more stock as I am going to be taking part in Jenny Flower's Makey 'do' in Sandwich on Saturday 11th July, which I am really looking forward to. More of that another time - I had best get busy sewing!