Monday, 14 September 2009

Red sky at night

I love a good sunset and we do seem to get such gorgeous really red ones in Whitstable. I don't know if it is just being by the sea and having a horizon, but I have never seen more beautiful sunsets anywhere else that I have lived!

This is one that I saw the other night, just as the kids were about to go to bed I had to run out with my camera and try and capture it!  Not the best picture, but I love the colour of the sky.
The best ever sunset I have ever seen in Whitstable happened about 3 years ago on Guy Fawkes/ Firework night (I don't have a picture of it to hand as it was taken pre-digital camera! I will find it and scan it in!) . Canterbury Council put on an amazing, free firework display on the beach! It has never been repeated, but was truly spectacular and something I hope they will do again. Mother nature had the last laugh though, as everybody was waiting  for dusk and the fireworks to begin, the sky turned the most amazing, beautiful and stunning red colour I have ever seen!   If you have ever been to Whitstable, imagine hundreds of people on the beach by the Old Neptune watching an amazing red sky as the sunset slowly into the sea. Stunning.

Oh and I should quickly add that I am still not sure what on earth to do about Crafty at the Coast....I am going to look at somewhere tomorrow, but if this venue is not suitable then I am going to leave the fairs for this year and see how I feel about organising some next year.................will keep you posted.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Excuse the picture it doesn't go with the post (it was taken at the Whitstable Craft Fair back in May), but I needed a nice smiley picture today as I am totally devasted as I have had to cancel the Christmas Crafty at the Coast.

I am so angry beyond belief as it is the hall where I hold them who have cancelled the event today.

To cut a very long story short they have basically double booked the hall with the Farmer's Market whilst the man who I normally book the hall with is off with a long term sickness. The Farmer's Market hold events at the hall every other saturday and I believe they must have changed their dates at some point in the year as I provisionally booked the hall for the 12th December back in January and all of their dates were already in the diary and the 12th was free!

My deposit had not been paid as during the time the man I deal with has been off sick it was sent back from the May fair and not carried over.  I still believed my booking would be safe as I had not had a phone call from anyone saying other wise, until I went to pay the deposit and found out that as my deposit cheque had not been paid in I have lost the hall, and don't appear to have a leg to stand on.

I am so fuming, upset, hurt and angry as I put so much of my heart, soul and time into organising the fairs, but most of all I am upset for those who were due to take part and had probably started working hard on items to sell and for the goodie bags. It just feels like a slap in the face. I confess I was not at my calmest when the man from the hall rang to tell me that I basically do not have a booking and I more or less told him I thought they were incapable and that I would not hold any other events there again.

I have organised five craft fairs now, the Christmas Crafty at the Coast would have been my 6th fair since 2007 and I have met such a great and talented group through them over the last couple of years, I am very sad.  I do feel they have taken so much time over the last few years even though I loved every minute, I don't think I will organise any others for a while! I might change my mind in a few months if I find another venue.

If anyone is organising a crafty type fair in the kent area, do let me know as I would still love to take part!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Germany. Well it was all about family, sunshine, the zoo, picnics, markets, fribard, trains, buses and sleeping in till 8am every day! heaven!
And getting back, well, you would have thought we had been away for a month and not five days as getting back has been all about the washing and ironing and getting ready for school! Mine were back on Thursday to school and playschool.
I felt a mixture of emotions! So sad as we had a brilliant summer but there is a little tiny bit of relief to having just a little bit of time to myself once again!