Saturday, 17 April 2010

Making and creating

I haven't been very inspired to make anything lately. Having a craft stall at the Horsebridge last Saturday (which I forgot to take my camera to!) did start to pull me out of my crafty drought and having lots of lovely cushion pads thanks to my fantastic mum and dad (and a trip they went on to IKEA!) has also inspired me so I have managed to get quite creative this week...finally. It has taken long enough, I can tell you!

Cushions have been my main thing this week! I was quite pleased with these stylised Union Jack cushions. I took these into Taking the Plunge in Whitstable and one of them sold the same day!  I am hoping to make more of these and put them in my Folksy shop, which is looking in need of a little update (there are a few sale items in there in case you are interested before I add some new things!).

I have also been making card holders....

Cheque book covers...

handmade cards....

And these beach hut cushions, which were an order for a friend of mine. Fingers crossed she likes them!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shadows, shells and stripy clouds

It has yet again been ages, yet again since I blogged. Life just keeps getting in the way!

We've had a lovely Easter holidays so far - me and the kids went to stay with my parents for a few days last week, which was really nice and relaxing - they always look after us so well! We had to leave poor L behind to go to work, which I always feel guilty about and we all miss him! But they love seeing their grandparents and my sister lives close by so they got to play with their cousins every day as well!

I took part in the Horsebridge Open Day on Saturday, I had a craft stall which was fun.  I had to rush the stuff on my stall together as we were at my parents until Friday so I didn't have too much to sell, but did ok in the end and had fun! Plus I also bumped into Kirsty, who was having a day out with her sister - but I am sure she will tell you all about that on her blog!
This week we have been lazy - apart from a massive clean and washing day on Monday. Today the kids lounged around in PJ's until far too late and then we went to the beach for a walk and an ice-cream.

We were a little windswept, but it was lovely and sunny and I took lots of pictures of the kids, shadows, shells and lovely stripy clouds.

Hope you are enjoying your Easter holidays too!