Sunday, 28 November 2010

Another sneaky peek...


Thanks for the kind comments re my first attempts at freehand embroidery. I have to confess I haven't put the darning needle on again since that attempt, as I realised I really needed to get my arse in gear and make some bits for my stall at the Christmas Market at the Horsebridge on Saturday 4th December.

I've been a busy bee - I always work much better under pressue! I have managed to finish a girlie pram quilt and a few other bits, but I still have lots of half finished mermaids...

...and want to make some more of these little house keyrings...

...err and I'd better get organised in sewing and stuffing these heart decorations...

I have managed to finish a couple more cushions though...

On a lovely Christmassy note, Whitstable had a few flakes of snow today. Not of the settling kind, but snow none the less, which felt very Christmassy! Shame I was at work, but hey!
Oh and talking of work - the little shop where I help out on a Sunday has just launched a fantastic new website. It really is something special, just like the shop is in the flesh! So do take a look as it means if you are not a Whitstable local or a visitor, you can capture a little bit of Taking the Plunge magic via the website and get some extra special and very unique Christmas gifts to boot as well! (you might spot some of my mermaid dolls in the handmade section).

Monday, 15 November 2010

Drawing with sewing machines!

Don't you just love a new toy! I had wanted a freehand embroidery foot for my sewing machine for ages and once I saw this book by Poppy Treffry, I knew I had to have it to give me a helping hand! I was tempted even more when Hannah from Bubblebay Designs posted about the very same book and her first attempts.I finally got both the book and foot for my birthday and decided to have a go at the weekend.

Excuse the poor pictures - they were taken late at night after playing for hours!
The first attempts weren't great, but I loved the idea of it already. I love drawing and did an illustration HND many years ago, and this little toy seemed to combine sewing and drawing together! 

I loved writing with it - and was my main reason for wanting to do freehand embroidery as I have lots of project ideas that seem to involve having writing on them!

A bit rough and ready, but hey I'm a learner!!

I obviously need to practice a bit more, but overall I was really pleased with what you can do! Now I need to put all of these ideas into practice and make some nice new and exciting things!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

A day trip to Rochester

Before we moved to Whitstable, we used to live in Rochester. It is where we brought our first little house and where we lived with our son when he was a baby for a year or so until we moved on...and for some reason, we hadn't been back! So, as it was my birthday last Saturday (one more scary year closer to a BIG birthday!) we decided a little day trip there was in order.

It has probably one of the loveliest High Streets in the country, with a Cathedral and a Castle thrown into the mix! Plus gorgeous old shops like the wonky one above! It did bring back all sorts of memories of being a first time mum and walking up and down the high street with F in a pram!

I don't think this shop existed when we were there? And typical me, I can't remember the name of it - but it was amazing, with it's fantastic displays, I could have spent hours there. I would love those old trunks.

Amazing brooches and jewellery on a black velvet dress - so beautifully displayed!
I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but it was a lovely day - freezing cold, but sunny too. And I could browse all I liked as well, without anyone moaning (which they normally do) as it was my birthday.
Then home again to a lovely meal cooked by my hubby and birthday cake courtesy of my lovely best pal - thank you Vic, it was delicious

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A sneaky peek

With December fast approaching and also the craft fair I mentioned in my last post, I figured I'd better start making some things for my stall!
So here is a little sneaky peek of a few bits I have been making and creating whilst the little ones are at school...

I still have a long way to go making my stall look nice and full, but it's a start at least!