Thursday, 30 December 2010


I hope that you had yourself a merry little Christmas?
We had a really good, fun and relaxing one.

We've had guitars, lego and weeing dogs making a lot of noise in our house.  It's hard that time between Christmas and New Year - in a good way of course. My husband has normally always worked but thankfully not this year. So we have all been procrastinating at home; getting up late, playing with presents, watching dvd's and of course eating and drinking far too much. I am not sure how I am going to be able to get up for the school run again next week.
Ah well, I am planning on making the most of it and drinking and eating a wee bit more - healthy eating can wait until next week!
I am sure I will not be organised enough to blog again tomorrow, so Happy New Year to anyone reading my blog - wishing you a fantastic 2011!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Just in case...

...the lady from the Horsebridge Christmas Market, (who wanted one of my black bird cushions but it had sold) happens to come on here...I  had just enough fabric to make one big cushion (and maybe one little cushion to come) and it is now in my Folksy shop.
Plus this little pram quilt is on there too..

Changing the subject completley - what with all the snow the UK has received over the last week, I had to take a pictute of the strange glow that snow gives off late at night. Looking out of our kitchen window normally, it is  pitch black and you can't see a thing but this picture was taken close to midnight on Saturday night and everything had a bluey/yellow twinge to it.
So very strange.

I know the snow has caused chaos and I have heard a lots of horror stories of people getting stuck out in the snow over the weekend but surely even Scrooge would be feeling a teeny bit of Christmas spirit now...It;s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A successful Christmas market

Well I made it through the weekend and am happy to report that I had a fantastic time at the Christmas Market at the Horsebridge in Whitstable on Saturday.


It was the best market/fair I have ever done. There was a constant stream of customers throughout the day - no doubt they were all going stir crazy at home after being snowed in for a couple of days! It certainly seemed like the whole of Whitstable came out for the day. I wasn't the only one who had a good day either, all the stallholders I spoke made brilliant sales all day.

I sold more than I ever have sold before, plus I got some orders. The cushions were really popular (luckily as I had loads!). I have to confess that I did have more stock than I have ever had before, so I guess a lot more choice for people means they are more likely to buy. I also got some orders, so the sewing machine is still going to be in constant use until chrismas whilst I make 7 mermaid dolls, baby quilts and bird cushions!

I thought a lot more about my stock this time and had quite a few smaller/cheaper items including lavender hearts, brooches and keyrings, which were all between £2 and £4 and these little things certainly add up if you sell lots of them plus I didn't have anything on the table that was over £25.

I've started to post some of the items left over from the fair on my Folksy shop and the some of the cushions can be found in Taking the Plunge (only in store, not available from their online shop).

I was seated at the fair next to the most fabulous facepainters I have ever seen. They were super speedy and so detailed and brilliant - they had a queue most of the day, including my only little D who wanted to be a witch. The red eyes only add to the image I think!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Let is snow, let it snow, let is snow....

Like much of the UK, Whitstable has had a lovely white blanket of snow for a few days now. It has meant 2 days off school for two excited children. Lots of time for the offical first viewings of the most Christmassy film ever - The Polar Express, playing and making snow angels!

It has turned a bit icy and slippery now, but this was the lovely soft, crunchy under foot stuff when it first fell. Simply lovely. It is impossible to not get into the spirit of Christmas when everything looks like this.

Oh and just another quick reminder about the Christmas Market I am taking part in at The Horsebridge Art & Community Centre in Whitstable tomorrow. It is open between 10am and 4pm and as well as 20 or so stalls bursting with crafty goodness, there will also be carol singing, mulled wine, mince pies and facepainting for the kids.

I took over the kitchen table earlier in an attempt to work out how the hell to display all the stuff that I FINALLY managed to make! Hmm, I threw it all on the table so it looks a right old jumble in the picture.
I will take a bit more time displaying it all tomorrow!
Wish me luck.