Thursday, 30 December 2010


I hope that you had yourself a merry little Christmas?
We had a really good, fun and relaxing one.

We've had guitars, lego and weeing dogs making a lot of noise in our house.  It's hard that time between Christmas and New Year - in a good way of course. My husband has normally always worked but thankfully not this year. So we have all been procrastinating at home; getting up late, playing with presents, watching dvd's and of course eating and drinking far too much. I am not sure how I am going to be able to get up for the school run again next week.
Ah well, I am planning on making the most of it and drinking and eating a wee bit more - healthy eating can wait until next week!
I am sure I will not be organised enough to blog again tomorrow, so Happy New Year to anyone reading my blog - wishing you a fantastic 2011!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to D's b/d party and seeing the weeing dog!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha the weeing dog makes me laugh everytime! He He
PS Cant wait to get my hands on that Baby Quilt xx