Monday, 20 December 2010

Just in case...

...the lady from the Horsebridge Christmas Market, (who wanted one of my black bird cushions but it had sold) happens to come on here...I  had just enough fabric to make one big cushion (and maybe one little cushion to come) and it is now in my Folksy shop.
Plus this little pram quilt is on there too..

Changing the subject completley - what with all the snow the UK has received over the last week, I had to take a pictute of the strange glow that snow gives off late at night. Looking out of our kitchen window normally, it is  pitch black and you can't see a thing but this picture was taken close to midnight on Saturday night and everything had a bluey/yellow twinge to it.
So very strange.

I know the snow has caused chaos and I have heard a lots of horror stories of people getting stuck out in the snow over the weekend but surely even Scrooge would be feeling a teeny bit of Christmas spirit now...It;s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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