Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Blue and white

I have always loved blue and white china, it just makes me smile and over the last year or so have managed to get a little collection going! It wasn't planned, I just managed to find two Staffordshire china jugs within days of each other and that was it, I knew I had to get more! One of the jugs and the little lidded pot were charity shop finds and the jugs were antique fair buys! The little cups and saucers were a gift from my sister.
The butter dish is my latest addition and is a Cornish kitchen ware one and gorgeous! Thanks to my mother-in-law Mags for this one. They are about to move to Whitstable and whilst sorting out all the antiques in her loft (she used to do antique fairs) she found this one and gave it to me!
Another addition to our kitchen is the gorgeous dresser top style shelf - also a gift from the in-laws! Made especially for us by a carpenter near their current house. Well, I had to have somewhere to display all the china and it is brilliant for my cookery books too!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

...especially when it's the school holidays!

I haven't really been looking forward to the summer holidays. Last year, my two argued non-stop for the first 5 weeks of the holidays and then finally stopped arguing in the last week!

Ok, we might only be one week in and there are still 6 more weeks to go, but we have had a lovely time and fingers crossed they have been getting on brilliantly. It has helped that it has
been the Whitstable Oyster Festival so there have been lots of free events around town, plus it has been lovely and hot and sunny. The picture below is a rather bizarre shot of D in a black wig with my mum taking part in an oyster festival project called Puppets & Dolls.

Today has been all about the grotters. This is our grotter building gang! (the hands under the chin is D's latest photo pose - who knows where she has got that idea from! My friend Vicki decided to join her in the pose!)

These are pretty unique to Whitstable and are basically a decoration of oyster shells. You start with a circle of shells and build up with more shells, a bit like building a wall until you have a beautiful tower. At twilight, candles are placed inside and they are lit up. They were originally built by children as a lighted shrine to celebrate St James' Day.

Now the trick is to turn up early and gather oyster shells quickly! We got there about 45 minutes after it had started and all the shells were gone! We only managed to get a few shells so our grotter was all about width (we had to improvise and use sand and pebbles!) rather than height! It didn't get any higher than this!

I made L go back at twilight and take these pictures when they were all lit (sadly ours was so low it didn't even get a candle!)

These ones were beautiful. They were right next to us and the makers had brought a huge bucket of their own shells and had obviously been hunting out the lovely white ones for weeks beforehand!

Don't they all look fantastic lit up.......
By the way I apologise for the layout being all over the place - ahhhh, I have been playing with it for ages now and it keeps going all wrong so blogger you win, I will leave it like this!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Makey do - makers and creaters!

Wow, that was quick. The Makey 'do' has been and gone!

It was a really good day and so nice to meet so many other crafty people that I have seen via their blogs! I love my kids but it is so nice to have a day out without them doing something that I really enjoy. I sold some bits, met some lovely and very talented people and also had a little wander around Sandwich at the end too!

These were a couple of bits of mine, some cards and mermaids.

This is the work of the very talented Sam from Pants and Paper visit her folksy shop now - her work is amazing, it was her first ever fair and she sold most of her stock! Mainly because it was so gorgeous, she makes these beautiful felted wreaths.

And of course the very lovely and talented Kirsty from Me Plus Molly was there. Look at her beautiful purses, aren't they stunning! It was lovely to catch up with her and have a natter!

And this is the stall of the very clever lady who organised the Makey 'do' - Jennyflowerblue. I didn't manage to get a picture of Jenny as whenever I made it over to her stall, she was always running around, sorting things out and making sure everyone was happy! But you can see her lovely brooches, bags and rings. And oh, look in the background there, behind the lady in is nearly a picture of Kirsty from Me plus molly..... ohhhh so close Kirsty ...

This lovely lady is Linda from Knitorama who I came with. She sells the most gorgeous wool and beautiful knits. If you have ever visited Whitstable, you have probably met Linda - she is a real character and works in Taking the Plunge. If you want to learn how to knit, then Linda is your lady as she runs knitting workshops in Whitstable at the Horsebridge.

Another lovely stall, this time Sheila from Clover crafts and Curios. Don't those buttons look good enough to eat! To me they looked like delicious sweets!

And finally, to prove we did actually have a little look around Sandwich - although curiously, all the shops shut at 4pm! So it did feel a little like a ghost town. But what a beautiful one. Look at this gorgeous colbalt blue church door. Oh, I just love it!
So thanks Jenny for organising such a great event. I think I might have to steal the goodie bag idea for the Whitstable Christmas fair!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mermaids for a makey 'do'

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged, mainly due to making bits and pieces for the Makey 'do' this Saturday. Eeeek! How did the 11th July come around so quickly!

Here are some pics (excuse the dodgy quality, I did them very quickly as you can probably tell!) of what I will have on my stall this saturday at the Makey 'do' in Sandwich. I think I may have gone a bit mad with the bunting theme! A couple of years ago I started sewing bunting onto baby vests, but now I seem to have put it on everything!

So if anyone wants cushion covers, appliqued baby vests and t-shirts, mermaids and dolls, bags and cards then hopefully I will have what they want!
I am really looking forward to it! I am going with Linda who runs Knitorama (knitting workshops) in Whitstable (and who also works in the same shop as me!). Fingers crossed we have some sun, everybody sells lots of things and has a fab day!
I am really looking forward to meeting Jenny from Jennyflowerblue who has organised the whole thing. She has done such a fantastic job organising, I am sure it is going to be an amazing day. It will be so nice to go and sell some bits and not be organising it too!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A blog award

Wow, I have been given a 'Love Ya' award, by the very lovely Kirsty from Meplusmolly!
I am so chuffed, I have never been given an award before and it really means a lot!
Thank you Kirsty.
As the rules state, I will be passing this award on to 8 blogs that I enjoy, which I will do in another post!