Thursday, 24 November 2011

Makes for a Christmas market

I thought I would give you a little sneaky look of some of the bits and pieces that I have been busy making for the Whitstable Christmas Market I am taking part in. My latest makes have been cushions.... you will have to come along to see them in full!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A blogging break...

Somehow I seem to have had nearly a months break from blogging.
It has been a lovely time filled with weddings and birthdays  - the downside is that I now feel I have to play catch up!  So very briefly...
We had an amazing time at our fantastic friends and neighbours wonderful wedding (where our little D was a proper little dancing diva - up until 11.15pm dancing with all the grown ups - so hard core she got blisters!!) The bride Vicki looked just gorgeous, like a 30s' film star.

I brought this card from a Folksy shop, Storeystore? Something a bit like that anyway!
The day after the wedding was my 3(mumble mumble) th birthday. Luckily I managed to wake up hangover free and we had a lovely day wandering around Rochester (a birthday tradition it seems - we did the same last year!) followed by lunch at Frankie & Benny's which was lovely.
I was a very spoilt lady and my husband got a me a gorgeous silver necklace from a shop I had suggested on Etsy (I emailed him a link of 5 or 6 possible necklaces and let him choose from there!).
The man did good.

I really love it.
I'm not a big jewellery person. I used to wear lots of silver jewellery, rings on nearly every fingers and I still have 5 holes in each ear from my art student days. But now I just wear my wedding and engagement rings and really wanted a simple and classic silver necklace. Thanks Lols, I love it!

He also picked me out this book...

Which is just brilliant and a lovely suprise. I don't have pics of all the other presents I got but I was a very lucky girl!
I have been busy sewing this last week, I've signed up for a Christmas Market in a couple of weeks so am busy making cushions and things. Pictures to come.....

I'll leave you with this window pane/breathe picture of me by D - so sweet I had to take a picture!!