Monday, 15 November 2010

Drawing with sewing machines!

Don't you just love a new toy! I had wanted a freehand embroidery foot for my sewing machine for ages and once I saw this book by Poppy Treffry, I knew I had to have it to give me a helping hand! I was tempted even more when Hannah from Bubblebay Designs posted about the very same book and her first attempts.I finally got both the book and foot for my birthday and decided to have a go at the weekend.

Excuse the poor pictures - they were taken late at night after playing for hours!
The first attempts weren't great, but I loved the idea of it already. I love drawing and did an illustration HND many years ago, and this little toy seemed to combine sewing and drawing together! 

I loved writing with it - and was my main reason for wanting to do freehand embroidery as I have lots of project ideas that seem to involve having writing on them!

A bit rough and ready, but hey I'm a learner!!

I obviously need to practice a bit more, but overall I was really pleased with what you can do! Now I need to put all of these ideas into practice and make some nice new and exciting things!


Country Girl said...

I have that book and love it, I haven't got the right foot though which makes it trickier but not impossible. Looks like you have got the hang of it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your a natural, love the flowers!

meplusmolly said...

Well I think your first attempts look fab lady! x

Seymour said...

wow, Helen, there's going to be no stopping you now! I love what you've done so far.