Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Weekend Sewing summer blouse

Well, It'a bit wonky (especially the placket, which I didn't realise till I saw the pics!) and it looks a bit like I am wearing my pj's (well it was made from an old duvet cover!).... but I finally made myself a summer blouse from the Heather Ross Weekend Sewing book.

It felt like it took me forever, but I really, really enjoyed making it! Think I will have to give myself a little break before I tackle making clothes again though!


Ali said...

I really want to make this, but need to find some super lightweight cotton which isn't ugly or dull as ditchwater.

Really like yours.

jennyflower said...

That is so pretty! (much nicer than my pj's) Iwill really try to get over for the 30th but if not will be in touch about your kind offer. Th goodie bags are cool, except I want one!!!!

meplusmolly said...

I found you through jennyflowers blog. V pretty items.
I've just moved to Kent, Whitstable is just a car ride away, tis lovely ;0 x

Gina said...

I've come over from Ali's blog - I think your blouse is very pretty and not at all like pyjamas! I'm feeling inspired to make one.