Monday, 27 April 2009

Dare to bare....

Prepare yourself to view the worst carpet in the world...ever!
Yuck! This brown monster of a carpet has been in our living room since we moved into our house 5 years ago. I have hated it and was so, so excited when this weekend we decided it was warm enough to finally pull it up!
Now bare floorboards might not be everybody's cup of tea but after staring at that awful carpet for 5 year, to me they look amazing!

We are not keeping them as they are for too long though as we are getting a lovely solid wood floor to go on top as the floorboards are not in good enough condition and just too cold! all those gaps! brrrh

On a less brown note, I have just finished and scanned in the posters for the craft fair I am organising in whitstable on Saturday 30th May. I have sent them out to all the stallholders and will be giving them out to shops soon to put up in their windows. So if anyone is reading this and fancies a trip to the seaside then pop in and see lots of crafty goodness!


Vanessa said...

Just popped by after visiting Molly Cupcakes. The poster design for the craft fair is great, if only I lived closer.

Vanessa x

jennyflower said...

Hmmm, I do hop we will be able to come over. I ma try to poach some stall holders for the Makey 'do' ;0)