Tuesday, 5 May 2009

BBQ's, morris dancers & lifeboat tractors!

This weekend finally brought our barbeque out of hiding and the first bbq of the year tasted just yummy! (plus the beers came out as well as you can see!)

I worked on Sunday and Monday so although I saw the May Day procession through the high street from the shop window of where I work, I didn't get to see the kids faces as they watched the morris dancers - but apparently they loved it!
They also went to the harbour with my mother-in-law and were very, very, very excited (can you tell from the photos!) to sit up in the lifeboat tractor and have a photo taken!

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Vanessa said...

We did not manage to get the BBQ out this weekend as we were busy decorating, so lucky you.

The kids look very happy in the lifeboat tractor.

Vanessa x