Thursday, 28 May 2009

Boot fairs and pre-fair nerves!

I have finally found 5 minutes to do a very quick post!
I have been very busy the last week getting all the final bits and pieces sorted out for the fair on saturday...eeek! can't believe it is only a couple of days away now.
I managed to squeeze in a boot fair on sunday morning with my friend and next door neighbour Vicki - the lovely lady with the bump in the picture below! I know you look at my blog sometimes Vicki, so I had to put you on here! We didn't make very much, but got rid of some old bits and I did give out lots more craft fair flyers. I also caught the sun a bit too much as after the fair I went on a door-to-door flyer delivering mission!
I am just about there with all the organising now! Gradually I am crossing things off of my huge to do list! I have got some brilliant stallholders for this fair and I am very excited to see what everyone has made and how it all looks together. Kirsty from Me plus Molly will be there with her gorgeous textile pieces, I can't wait to see what she has made. Also taking part are Butterfly Cottage Ceramics, Jane Bourne from The Cloth Hall and Kerry Mayo with her beautiful photographic prints of Whitstable and the local area.
There are obviously lots of other talented people taking part, but they don't have blogs or websites to link to. If you have a look at this post, from the Christmas fair I organised last November, you can get a taste of what treats are in store! (Although not all of those pictured were able to come this time).
Organising fairs is always a bit of a panic, especially when you get a last minute cancellation! My poor friend who was making and running the cake stall has fallen down the stairs and hurt her back, I hope she is ok but sadly it means she has had to pull out today. I haven't been able to find another cake maker who can produce cakes quickly enough for the fair, which is a huge shame. Luckily, underneath the hall is a cafe with a lovely garden, so nobody will go hungry!
I am also going to have to do something on Saturday that I am petrified about! I have listed the fair on lots of websites, including the bbc kent one. I got a call yesterday from a lady at BBC Radio Kent asking if someone could call me on Saturday morning for a 1-2 minute chat about the fair - where it is, what time etc etc. Err, yes please - but oh my god I am scared!!! I am sure I will sound like a bumbling idiot, but I couldn't turn it down could I! Hopefully it will bring some more people along anyway.
Well fingers, legs, etc crossed that all goes well - I will post with some pictures next week!
At least we have the weather on our side on Saturday anyway!


Ali said...

Must phone my mother and remind her to come! Good luck - it'll be great I'm sure.

meplusmolly said...

You will be fab on the radio, so don't worry!
See you tomorrow, looking forward to it! ;0 X

kristina said...

I'm sure everything will go swimmingly, including the radio interview!

K x

Ali said...

So, I'm thinking of you tonight, hoping it went really well today.

Anonymous said...

hope all went well yesterday - I LIVE in Whitstable and didnt know it was on! But I dont tackle the high street much on a Saturday-shame on me.