Sunday, 31 May 2009

A seaside fair - lots of pictures!

Well, the sun was shining and when the sun shines in Whitstable, it means our little town gets very busy indeed. And, thankfully, lots of the seaside visitors, and local folk decided to come along to the fair!

There were stalls a plenty, with so many different and beautiful goods for sale.

I mananged to take a few photos here and there, but not as many as I would have liked!
Many thanks to all the brilliant stallholders who made such an effort with their stalls and to all the lovely customers who came along for a browse and a shop. It was a very busy day and non-stop in the morning. Sales eased off a bit in the afternoon, as I think most people had disappeard to the beach! But we still had a steady stream of people.
Everyone said that they had a really good day, there was a lovely, friendly atmosphere in the hall and all of the stallholders were really busy and people were actually spending money! They all did really, really well.

Emily and Jacquie above sold lots of their spotty cushions. They had come all the way from Surrey, so I really appreciate you travelling so far and hope you had a good day.
It was so lovely to meet some new crafty people, especially Kirsty above (hiding!) from me plus molly who I have met through the blog! I hope you had fun too Kirsty, it was really nice to meet you and I am so glad you did really well.

My lovely mum was there with all her knitted baby things.
And this was my stall. I did really, really well at the fair. Not only did I really enjoy the day, make some new friends, but I also made more money than I have ever made at a fair before!
Thank you to all my very nice family and friends who made a real effort in coming along, and for buying lots of things too.
I also did a live interview on BBC Radio Kent, which was pretty scary but ok! I had to run and hide outside the hall so that nobody would see me blushing whilst I did it! I knew my nan, who couldn't come, was listening so I said hello to her on air which I think she really liked! It lasted about 3 minutes the interview and was fine once I got into it, not too bad.
Phew, it's all over now.
Time to start thinking about planning the next one on the 12th December now........................... well, maybe not just yet!


Kitschen Pink said...

I see you have a gorgeous smiling blond behind your stall as a secret selling weapon! Looks like a really fun event! Now, stop reading this and go prepare for the next one! :-) t.x

meplusmolly said...

Coeee! tis only me!
Great post and Yay! to you Lady for your sales and for holding a really well organised fair! It was fab!
I had a lovely day, great sales and it was v lovely to get to meet you too! ;0 Xx

kristina said...

So happy it all went so well! Looks wonderful! K x

jennyflower said...

wow, what a brilliant event! Well done you, and everyone else. I hope mine goes half as well!

Kaylovesvintage said...

I have to look for your stand next time when I'm in Whistable

Victoria Leather said...

Oh this fair looks just lovely - well done you! Have found your blog through some blogosphere link in comments and thought I'd say "Hello"! I am a former Kent girl and even had a beach hut for many years in Tankerton until life took us off to Singapore for a while so finding your blog has been a real joy. We're located in Gloucs now and I'm gearing up to a new blog but as we're only 6 months into the UK return I'm not quite there yet....Keep up the creative living & blogging, I'll look forward to reading more and maybe coming along to your next fair if I can time a family visit to Kent just right...V x