Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A teeny tiny snowman!

Well, we seem to have escaped most of the snow that hit the UK this week!

We did have some and managed to make a tiny snowman (which I might add is still there even though nearly all the snow has left the garden!). This picture does make me laugh as D is pulling the funniest face!

But we only had an inch or so and not the 14 inches my parents had and still have!

School was still on for us on Monday and Tuesday, but it seems as if the rest of the UK came to a complete standstill with trains, planes and automobiles cancelled!

On a completley different note, I took these pics of the kids the other week. The close up of F is my fave pic of him ever! Might have to be blown up and put on the wall when we paint the newly plastered walls!

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