Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hair horrors!

Is it just in our house or does anyone else face such hair horrors in the morning?
This is our daugher D and what her hair normally looks like when she first wakes up!
And this is our son F's hair!
 I swear mornings are a nightmare in our house as we have to allow about half an hour just for hair taming....but we do eventually...This is D when her hair has been tamed some what!

She is modelling a beautiful cardigan made for her by a very clever lady who runs knitting workshops in Whitstable called Knitorama. She asked me to make a plain linen doll for her a few weeks ago and knitted this lovely cardy for D as a swap for the doll! I think I got the better deal!
This half-term we have been mainly filling the house with drawn pictures of Buzz lightyear..
My son is mad on Toy Story at the moment, we have quite a collection now.
But what do you call a group of Buzz Lightyears?
I'm not sure, but I am pretty sure we are going to have an army of them soon at the rate he is going!

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Sarah said...

My two boys used to have a thing for Toy Story. As for hair - we have the same problem in our house - even with short hair, my eldest always has a tuft sticking up at the back!