Saturday, 8 October 2011

Peg bags and handbags

What a difference a week makes hey!

This time last week, here in Whitstable, we were enjoying an amazing Indian summer, blues skys and temperatures of 25 degrees and now we are back in the depths of Autumn - from sleeveless tops to winter coats in 5 days!
Blimey, no wonder us Brits enjoy talking about the weather!!

At least it's not raining at the moment and hanging onto this, I have been trying to catch up on the washing whilst the weather was dry and decided that I was in dire need of a new peg bag.  I am sure I could have sat down, found a pattern and made my own but with pennies to burn in Paypal I decided to have a look on Folksy and support another seller!
I found this little beauty and fell in love! It had to be mine.

Isn't it gorgeous - look at the amazing work that went into the embroidery!

Thank you Nana Marje - I love it and please go and have a look at her little shop.

From peg bags to handbags - I have been meaning to make some bags for ages. I wanted a bag with a zip as I find things always fall out of bags without zips! I'd worked out a while ago, a design and finally got round to making them.

I've kept one for myself  (although forgot to take pictures - will add some soon) and really enjoyed playing with the fabrics for these two that are in my Folksy shop.

My fabulous fifties fabric creeping in again!

My ticking obsession doesn't seem to be improving does it!!

I also had the idea for some personalised fabric envelopes - perfect for weddings, christenings, 21st birthdays, Christmas or any occasion when you might be giving cash or gift vouchers, to help personalise and make the gift a bit more stylish! A couple of these are in my Folksy shop too, so fingers crossed the idea takes off!

Right, I'm off to use my new peg bag before it starts to rain! Have a lovely weekend x


Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment - and for mentioning the catalogue, I just found it on Lissylou's post.

I haven't been over for a while (no blog reading at all until this week for, ah, months) so have just been having a look around and at your Folksy shop. I love your things. And the new envelopes are really clever.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely peg bag I will certainly check out Nana Marje's shop. The handbags are great, The ticking with the lace is my favorite. Have a good week x

Pomona said...

The peg bag is beautiful! Almost too beautiful to send outdoors!

Pomona x

Simply H said...

Thanks for your comments ladies - I sold one of the fabric envelopes already Charlotte so am busy making more. The bag I made for myself is a ticking and lace one Hannnah, I'm going to make more in these fabrics!
The peg bag is beautiful Pomona - it does feel strange using it in the garden for my pegs, it looks as if it should be on display!!