Sunday, 5 February 2012


I spotted this lone star the other night, keeping the moon company just as the sun was starting to set. It shone so bright and beautiful until it was finally got dark and was joined by lots of other stars. It was nice anyway and felt as if it was shining just for me!

I would love to be showing you all the lovely things I have been creating this January and February....but I seem to have become allergic to my sewing machine. The creative juices just aren't happening.  I did get as far as pulling some fabric out of the cupboard the other day, but I'm afraid all I did was look at it for five minutes, before then putting it away!

Sewing mojo, please come back!!

I have taken lots of photos the last few weeks. My Dad was down and looking for inspiration as he has really started oil painting again, so we went for a wander along the beach and took some atmospheric pictures, including the one of The Old Neptune. I bet it is one of the most photographed pubs in England as it sits proudly on the beach.

We have also been busy enjoying the snow today. A good 15 cm fell over Whitstable last night! We loved it today, but I am sure we will be moaning about it tomorrow!


mum said...

Beautiful photographs!!!


Pretty!! The Mojo will come back, but I get at least once a year when I won't touch the sewing machine, for weeks unless I have to make an order! Kx

Pomona said...

I love the photo of the Old Neptune - very atmospheric. I hope you are keeping warm!

Pomona x