Friday, 7 November 2008

Another year older...

I was 35 on Thursday - 35! how is that possible. I still feel as if I am about 25 and look like I am about 45, so I guess my real age is in the middle there. I got some lovely treats for my birthday, including the following reads.
I thought Sew Hip was a really good read, I treated myself to that one and L got me Sew Pretty Homestyle which makes me itching to make some of the gorgeous, gorgeous things inside.
But alas, I am so busy organising 2 craft fairs that I haven't had time to read them properly yet as I am busy making things for my stall like these...
Whilst I have been trying to do some sewing, D has decided she wants to be a dancer. She loves prancing around in my old pink ballet leotard (can't believe my mum kept it! well done mum!) that I wore when I went to ballet when I was little, and these gold glittery ballet slippers that I got at an NCT sale! Bless her sequined feet!

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