Thursday, 19 March 2009

A messy confession

I am always in awe of the beautiful workspaces that lots of crafty bloggers seem to have out there. Sigh, some people even have a room just for crafting!
Me, I just sew at the kitchen table and have a cupboard with my fabric in and a big basket of my sewing stuff and another with current fabrics I am using for things.
Not exactly inspiring, hence why my fabric cupboard looks like this:

And my sewing basket looks like this......

Goodness, I really am a slob! Am I the only one.....?

1 comment:

Reddymade said...

OH for a room of ones own! Luckily I have a good hoover and a patient husband as the threads all over the kitchen floor are enough to drive anyone mad. Fear not - I think if your fabric stash is ironed and folded then you have way way too much time on your hands!!!!