Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I have had my Janome sewing machine for close to two years now and yesterday decided it was about time I attempted to do a buttonhole! I have never, ever done one!
My sewing machine comes with an automatic buttonhole foot, where you put the button in one end and the buttonhole is sewn the perfect size!  Easy I thought, erm..... it should have been but I managed to make hard work of it!
I have to say, deciding to do this at 11.15pm was probably not the best idea!
Finally at about 12.15am after quite a lot of swearing..

lots of studying the instruction manual..........

lots of failed attempts...

I finally managed to do it!

And what is it? Well, it is just a little travel document holder as we are off to visit some relatives in Germany on Friday and I wanted something to hold all the flight details, passports and travel insurance info!
I can see 'things' with buttonholes are going to be my new thing!


sue archer said...

Well done Helen!! Hope you all have a nice holiday. Love Mum

saraeden said...

Have a great time and don't forget to send me your address so i can get your brooch in the post !!

Sara x