Saturday, 15 August 2009

Crafty at the Coast

I haven't touched the sewing machine for a while so no pics of new makes, but we have been to the beach lots so that is all I seem to have pictures of lately!!!
I have been busy with other things too though. I decided the Craft fairs I organise in Whitstable needed a bit of an update rather than just Craft & Gift Fairs, so the new name I have come up with is.........Crafty at the Coast.

I am hoping this new name will make it a bit more exciting and more in keeping with the fantastic handmade stallholders who take part. The next fair being on 12th December will be Christmas Crafty at the Coast. I am working on a logo and a special Crafty at the Coast blog so all will be revealed soon (I hope!). I am also planning on doing goodie bags like Jenny did at the Makey do, as I think this really worked for her and I am hoping it will here too!!!

And I am very excited this evening as I just found out that I have won a giveaway by from all about eden's blog!!! It is a lovely mushroom brooch and green & black chocolate! I have never won anything since the barbie doll house I won in a drawing competition when I was about 8! So I am very excited! Thanks Sara!!!


Claire Marshall-Reddy said...

Great name - I wish I lived nearer!Don't think the caravan would be suitable in December!! Great news on winning too. Maybe next time the lottery....

Nancy & Betty said...

I really love the new name! Sounds great and different. Looking forward to December...! Hannahx