Sunday, 1 November 2009

Half-term fun

It's been a lovely half-term this week. My little man is back to school tomorrow but my little lady has an extra week off from her playschool as they have a two week half-term!
We have had lazy days, adventure days, spooky days and visiting friends and family days!

Yesterday the kids had a nice seaside walk with their dad whilst the tide was out, they thought they would go for an adventure! Whilst at the beach, they came across someone from the Whitstable Oyster Company experimenting with these baby oysters!

They were trying to see which bed the oysters will grow best on/under (not sure which, I am not an oyster expert!). How exciting, wish I had seen!  I will have to make sure I go with them next time and we can watch their progress! The light looked beautiful.

We took the kids trick or treating on Saturday. Luckily this spooky mist had disappeared by the time that we went out though. It appeared from nowhere and settled on the green by our house at about 5pm and was gone in 10 minutes or so,  very strange!

The kids got an amazing haul trick or treating! We ended up being out for about an hour as they and their friends were having so much fun!  The have enough sweets to last about a year!

I am still planning on doing a little giveaway for my blog first birthday but I haven't as yet as my mermaids look like this at the moment....

Lots of WIPs! I am making lots as I have sold quite a few at Taking the Plunge in Whitstable and at a couple of craft fairs, plus more I have planned so I have been making in bulk! It is my birthday next Friday, so I am planning on doing a birthday and blog birthday rolled into one!  So look out on Friday 6th November for a little giveaway!


Ali said...

Happy birthday for Friday!

I love Taking the Plunge and always try to stop by when we are visiting, but I haven't been to Whitstable for about 6 months - getting withdrawl symptoms.

Pomona said...

Whitstable is a very photogenic place - I haven't been there since the summer, but you have made me want to take a little trip up the road again! Hope you have a good birthday.

Pomona x