Wednesday, 25 November 2009

November rain

I know we are lucky where we are compared to some parts of the UK, but I am so sick of the rain!  I am sick of getting soaked everytime I have to go and do the school and playschool run! Less of the above picture and more of the one below please Mother nature...

I am longing for wrapping up in scarves, hats and gloves and crisp winter days instead of the wet, soggy days we are currently getting.

On a good note, the horrible weather has made me do a bit of sewing!  I am taking part in a local school craft fair on Friday after another one I was due got cancelled and changed to another date.  They did one a while ago which I took part in and I did well and got an order for a boy doll, which I will be taking along with me - that will pay for the stall at least!
I have also made lots of christmas heart decorations, all in festive colours with vintage buttons (no pics yet, will take some of stall if I remember!) and some quick and easy christmas bunting. I have also made some of these.....

I haven't finished them yet, so you will have to wait and see what they are...a little clue they are very useful for wobbly teeth!

I was very pleased to hear that Charlotte from Cottontails baby has received the mermaid doll she won in my first ever giveaway.  I am so pleased my kids picked her out as she was having a terrible day on the day she found out she had won. She is currently residing and Charlotte's beautiful house, do take a look at her lovely  and also to enter Charlottes giveaway for a mouse in need of a little TLC!

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Pomona said...

Well, unsurprisingly we have had similar weather to you - I was glad to stay indoors today!

Pomona x