Thursday, 3 December 2009

A few new makes...

I took part in a craft fair at a local school last Friday.  I did ok in the end, although not so much with the things that I had there of course! I had one christmas stocking from last year and hadn't bothered to make more, but then got 5 orders for them!  So I have been busy making them this week.

I never seem to sell the things that I think I will go!  I made loads of these red and white fabric and button hearts, which I was selling cheaply - and only sold one (thanks Vicki and Josh for liking the furry one!).
I was thinking of adding them to my folksy shop, but I have only sold one thing on there so far and until I get a bit of a customer base going, I figured 3 weeks till christmas was a bit late for me to start adding christmassy bits and pieces!

I also made this bunting, which didn't go either!

I have decided to go with a red and white theme for the christmas decorations this year in our house!!

Now please excuse the shameless self-promotion but I have added something new to my folksy shop.  A post of so ago I gave a little teaser about what I was making, well they were these......

A sweet little tooth fairy fabric envelope!  A lovely keepsake for any little ones with wobbly teeth! They are only £4.50, if I have lots of viewings on Folksy, I will add some different fabric ones (you can see some of the others in the top picture. Fingers crossed these will sell well!

I love the 'dear tooth fairy' on the front that F wrote for me, I then scanned it, reversed it, printed it on transfer paper, ironed onto cream fabric, cut it out and sewed it on the front!  It is brilliant stuff, I just got mine at the supermarket and have used it for loads of things!

I am going to make something similar as little presents for the kids school teachers and neighbours, and fill them with sweets or chocolate!


sue archer said...

Hi Helen,

Please give me some of the fluffy hearts and the tooth fairy purses to sell at my next craft fair.

M (hope you know who I am!!!)

Pomona said...

It's really difficult to predict what will sell, isn't it? I am not sure how good school craft fairs are - it is a difficult one. I would have come if I had known! I think the bunting is really pretty - I am sure that it would be worth putting some of those things on Folksy - as far as I can make out people are still doing Christmas shopping - it was certainly very crowded in town yesterday!

Pomona x

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hi Helen,

Oh fairs are just a mystery to me... I rarely do them but when I do I never, ever, ever get it right!

And I know what you mean about leaving things a bit late for Christmas. This is my seventh Christmas with Cottontails and I think this is the first one I haven't felt hopelessly 'behind'. (Even if I did just add my Christmas Pudding brooches today - ah well!).

Guess what I have been using your fabric in some photographs, just as background, the pretty white textured one. AND one of the patterned ones is featured in twelve oil paintings in Malvern - I am a receptionist at a college in the evenings and agreed to do a spot of portrait modeling for an art class and was asked to bring some 'hat making props' (I know - WHAT?!) so I did the best I could and took some of your fabric. And it has been painted as part of an oil painting of me as a hat maker!

Lots of love

ps and I have nearly (not quite) enrolled on a sewing course at the college for next term!