Sunday, 20 December 2009

Eek! It's nearly Christmas - how did that happen!

Well, it's been a while.  I apologise for disappearing for a little while but you know when you read a book that you just can't put down.....well, that happened (as you could probably tell from my last brief post).  Problem was, it was one of a series of four! For 2 weeks all I did was read and I swear I felt like I was on another planet, I was so lost in these books!  They were not the most literary read I have ever read, but they were the most addictive and I just fell in love with the story and had to keep reading to find out what happened.  You might have heard of them, they are called the Twilight series and the first 2 books were made into films, with the 2nd film New Moon just out in November.  Enough! I am having a Twilight break for a bit!!!

Last week we had D's playschool Christmas play. They have been rehearsing for weeks and she was so excited. The play was a nativity called Shine Star Shine, all about a big star who lost her shine, but needed to show everyone where the stable was!  Bless, it was so lovely especially at the end when she found her shine and her costume lit up! D had tried so hard to keep her costume a secret from us, she played the big star and I didn't realise how much she would have to do till we saw it.
Gulp, don't kids amaze you? She will be 4 on the 7th January, but she could have been a 10 year old she was so brave up there.  She was concentrating so hard and did every action and word perfectly.
Her part needed her to be in the middle of the stage the whole time on her own, I was fighting back the tears as I filmed it and took pictures.   It was even more amazing because she hadn't been feeling well and had been sick a couple of days before.  She still got up and did it and has been poorly all weekend.
We are so proud of her!

She also got to meet this special man afterwards!

The week before had been F's school Christmas fair which was fun!  The kids got to ride in this horse and cart which they thought was very exciting! (although hard to photograph as Rodney the horse moved so fast, I cut his head off!).
I can't quite believe Christmas is only a few days away.  I still have a few handmade pressies to make but at least we won't be rushing to and from school this week and can take things a bit easy.
I guess I had better go and get on with all that present wrapping.............