Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowy new year!

Happy New Year! It has been a little while and this will be a very quick post as a couple of days ago I spilt red wine on our laptop! EEEeek! It still just about works apart from the letters r, t, s, d, x and c on the keypad!!!!!! having to use the on-screen keypad for those letters, which takes forever!
Here are some pics of a lovely snowy Whitstable and our little princess who is 4 today!


Fell Tops said...

Happy Birthday to little princess for yesterday (bloglines only updated your blog today)!

It looks really weird to see snow on the beach!

Hope you had a good Christmas

Vanessa x

meplusmolly said...

Happy New Year to you all! hope you manage to save/sort out the red wine laptop mishap! ;0 x

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see photos of Whitstable covered in snow! I've stopped by your blog before & can't remember if I've ever said hello, so, "Hello"! Lovely Blog you have, with photos of a place that is dear to my heart as we are ex-Kent & used to have a beach hut in Tankerton. The Neptune was a favourite haunt pre-kids for a long day of drinking with pals & eating chilli, chips & cheese. Last time we went there it was a bit scary & not what I remembered. Keep Blogging xx


Have given you a blog award.