Monday, 26 July 2010

All change

Alas, I still have no camera - borrowed images for now!

We don't really have the funds to buy a new one and to be honest, I just couldn't spend money on a new one when I know that my camera is hiding out there somewhere - just where is the mystery! I hate not having it though, especially with it being the Whitstable Oyster Festival this week, which means lots of exciting events and photo opportunities.

I will have to borrow one for F's 7th birthday this Sunday. Thankfully I have borrowed a couple of cameras for some special events in the last few weeks, so I have managed to record a few things.

Such as D learning to ride her bike without stabelisers.
F's sports day (too many other children in the pictures to post a pic) and D's graduation from playschool, which was very sweet.

F also left his Infant school and will be going to Junior school in September, whilst D starts at his old Infant school. 

It's not just the kids for whom big changes are happening though. ,My husband left his job a month ago after years of hating his old job in the motortrade. Long hours, not very good pay and constantly being shouted at had taken their toll, so after huge amounts of research he told me that he wanted to leave his job and train to be a plumber! As the sole breadwinner in our house, that was VERY scarey, especially with a mortgage and bills still to pay.  But for some reason, as a natural born worrier I have felt suprisingly calm about the whole thing. He is now 4 weeks into a 10 week college course and loving it, THANK GOD!

So come September, in our house there will be 2 new schools to attend and a new career to start. All very exciting, although scarily for me I think it also means I am going to have to start looking for a job too!

But for now, we plan on enjoying our summer holiday, even though we won't be going on holiday. We live by the sea which is obviously a bonus!

Happy holidays where ever you are spending the summer.

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