Monday, 2 August 2010


Our lovely little monkey turned 7 on Sunday.  I kept sneaking looks at him all weekend thinking how amazing and special this little boy is and also HOW did that happen?
And what is our funny little man like?

Well he is.......very handsome, never without a smile (he even got a certificate at school for always smiling). He's funny, crazy, loving, loud, excitable (he jumps up and down when he is really excited), warm, jokey, happy, stubborn, an extrovert and skinny as a bean. He loves drawing,  has an amazing imagination (if he doesn't have it - he will make it out of whatever is to hand!), he hates ice-cream but loves lollies and white chocolate, his favourite food is fresh pasta and he loves fruit. He's an entertainer, is confident and quirky. He cannot sit still for more than a couple of minutes and is normally running up and down the length of the lounge with a toy in his hand (this currently involves a toy red arrow plane). He loves his little sister, but can also fight like cat and dog with her. What can I say, he's amazing.

And now he is seven.....and I love nearly* every minute I spend with him.

Happy birthday number seven monkey.

*Much as I love him, he does drive me bonkers sometimes!


♥coco rose♥ said...

Happy Birthday number seven monkey! Hope you have a fab day! xxx

meplusmolly said...

Awww bless a small bods birthday!
Thanks for loving my birdy screen printed fabric you! ;0 x