Friday, 3 September 2010

Letting go

September is a month of letting go for me.

Letting go of a wonderful, sunny, happy summer and firmly embracing Autumn. Thankfully September so far has proved to be sunny and warm, so maybe summer is still hanging on by a thread...
The other BIG letting go is the BIG starting school one.

F started at his new Junior school yesterday.
It is obviously a big change, having been at his wonderful, nurturing Infant school for the last 3 years - to suddenly have to get used to new routines, teachers, children and buildings where he will spend the next 4 years. But we were so relieved when yesterday he came out smiling and happy, and it seems I was the one struggling more with the 'newness' of the school and all the new routines.

Now we are just playing a waiting game with D, who starts at the wonderful, nuturing Infant school on the 20th September. My last lot of letting go. She is missing her brother, but I am trying to make the most of the time with her, knowing that in a few shorts weeks the house is going to be quiet.
Very, very quiet.

I cried when F first started school as he just seemed so tiny and far too little to be experiencing such a huge, big thing as school without me right there by his side. He was of course fine.
But with D, she seems a whole lot older and more grown up and totally ready for this next big step in her life, I'm just not sure I'm ready for the big changes - it makes is so official. Her babyhood will officially be, OVER.
It's quite tricky this letting go thing!

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Seymour said...

I sympathise Helen (wait till they start secondary school - that's horrible!)
Your children are lucky that you enjoy spending time with them.... glad you had a good summer.