Saturday, 19 March 2011

A little bit of sewing

I've finally got round to a bit of sewing over the last few weeks.
Firstly a friend asked me to collaborate with her and make some of my dolls out of some of her vintage linen fabric. I've only made this one so far and the fabric was a dream to sew with, so soft.

I had the urge to buy some new fabric the other day - but not much money and as I was having a nose on etsy at the fabrics I saw quite a few people doing little bundles of offcuts. I always read Manda at Treefall Designs blog and so when I saw she was doing bundles of offcuts for under a fiver I decided to treat myself as she always uses such lovely fabrics. And this is the lovely parcel of fabrics that arrived.

They are all different sizes, generally the biggest being 18cm sq and are just perfect for little patchworks and appliques. I think they are a brilliant way to get lots of new fabric to compliment what you already have and a great way to use up your offcuts. I have already started to make a couple of patchwork cushions with them which I will show you once I have finished. I am also thinking of making some offcut bundles for the summer market I am doing in June.

I was lucky enough to be given some big fabric offcuts this week by my Mother-in-law, who had spotted them in a charity shop where she volunteers and brought them as a gift for me.  One of them was this lovely blue spotty and floral fabric, with which I made this cushion.

Still more of this left thankfully which I will use to make another cushion and some squares for baby this one.

This quilt is very special to me as the white embroidered square in the picture was upcycled from a tablecloth that my 90 year old Nan gave me that she had embroidered in her youth. Some of the tablecloth was a bit stained so I didn't feel to bad about chopping it up and giving it a new lease of life and I have another unstained table cloth that she embroidered that I will be treasuring just as it is.

Last of all I made this cushion from the upcycled pillowcase I found the other week. The embroidery on this is so delicate and beautiful, I love it.
The two cushions and baby quilt are now listed on my Folksy shop.


Anonymous said...

I just love the new materials made into cushions. I think the best one is the one you made from the pillowcase and pink gingam. Well done for being so creative - you didn't get it from me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, I love the baby quilt, I wish I had a baby girl just so I could buy it, the cushions are lovely too xx

Simply H said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Mum! and Hannah x