Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Something for the teachers

The other day I was struggling to come up with something new and exciting to give as presents to my kids teachers.  I have previously given some of my handmade make-up purses and lavender hearts, which have all been very well received but I fancied making something different this year.

Whilst browsing my regular blogs I saw the answer to my prayers on  the wonderful blog by Domesticali . I knew I had to make thse and  would like to add I did first ask Ali for her permission and she very generously and happily gave it to me to recreate her fantastic idea!

Book bags for grown ups, or more specifically book bags for teachers - they seem to have endless books and paper to carry around! I just loved Ali's clever idea and so set about measuring and sewing lots of lines on to some calico. Then I got the kids to write their teachers names on the lines in my favourite iron out pens!

I free motion embroidered over their writing, made them up into bags with webbing handles and hey presto - paper bags.

I love seeing the kids very best writing displayed on them and do hope they like them as much as I do. They also wrote their names and the year on the back, just so the teachers can remember them.

So thank you so much Ali - they aren't as good as her original one, but what a clever lady for coming up with such a good idea.


mum said...

The bags are lovely Helen, I hope the teachers appreciate them.

Hannah said...

Helen, these are such a lovely idea! I love children's handwriting, and as a teacher, this is the kind of gift I would treasure - much better than a box of chocolates!

Ali said...

Oh, they turned out beautifully! Hope your teachers loved them.

Simply H said...

Thank you - especially to Ali for letting me steal your idea!! They went down very well with the teachers xx