Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Nothing Compares 2 U

Ok first I must apologise for a very self-indulgent post, feel free to leave if you have no interest in Prince!. On Sunday, me and my other half had a rare child-free day out as we went to the Hop Farm Festival in Paddock Wood.  In my late teens I was a huge Prince fan and to this day I still think he is a musical genius.  I went to see him perform when I was about 16 and again in 2007 when he did 21 nights in a row at the O2 in London - live he is pretty incredible.

So it was a bit of a shock back in May when Prince was annouced as the headline act on the third day of the Hop Farm Festival - a fairly small festival only in it's 4th year. Prince hadn't played in the UK since 2007 and had never peformed at a Festival here. And now he was going to be playing in a field in the middle of Kent! It was so bizarre that well, we had to get tickets and my lovely husband spent a morning  ringing up and managed to get us a couple.

So with the children left at the Grandparents we headed off. I am so glad we did, we had a really amazing day with the other artists Alo Blacc, Eliza Doolittle, Imelda May, Larry Graham and Tinie Tempah on before Prince and who all helped build a great atmosphere.

We also had amazing weather, with gorgeous sunshine all day - not a muddy welly boot in sight!

We thoroughly enjoyed lazying in the sunshine and L especially liked these mobile beer men, who came and filled up your glass so you didn't even need to queue up at one of the bars!

 Finally, a little bit late,  Prince came on and peformed for a solid 2 and a 1/4 hour set. L has never 'got' him before, finding him too weird but Prince has certainly mellowed in his old (53) age.

It was discovering that he has a sense of humour that sold it to L though. After peforming a beautiful version of 'Nothing compares 2 U' Prince joked that is wasn't his song but Sinead O'Connors, to which the audience all booed and jeered. Prince smirked and said 'Hey I brought me a house with that song'! He is certainly a bit more normal - still not quite your average 53 year old though!

He can sing and dance like a 20 year old and my god the man can play a guitar!

 It was so brilliant to be up close and actually be able to see him peform in the flesh and not just on the screen. I am so glad for whatever reason he did decided to do this little Festival (it is totally independent and not sponsored which I think was part of the attraction sold by Vince Power the organiser) as it was such a different experience to seeing someone so famous somewhere like the O2, where you are so far away.

There was no pre-rehearsal so the critics have all said it was much more like one of his after show parties as he started with a soundcheck (a jam!) and was constantly yelling out instructions for lights and musicians so it all felt a bit less regimented.  It was a beautiful  night and one that I will remember forever.  I am so glad L got to experience seeing him live and loved it as much as me and I got to be there with him. See L, sometimes I really am right!
Ok, indulgent post over - I promise not to do it again!!!!!


Debs said...

You can be as indulgent as you like! Looks like you had a fab time.
I wish I had been there too, but we had our own little festival in Tenterden - 'Tentertainment'- and I had a stall there.
Both children have insisted we go to the Hop Farm next year though.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! How fab I bet he was Amazing!!! too cool for school you lady!! Kirsty

Simply H said...

thank you ladies, I can thoroughly recommend the Hop Farm Festival - we thought it was brilliant and very child friendly. Still on a high from the purple one a few weeks later!!