Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Little stitches

Thanks so much for all the comments in the last post. It really meant a lot, so thank you.

Just a quick post after all your nice comments I thought I would update on F's cut.

So after the horrible accident and the horrific trip to hospital, he didn't complain once all week about the tape and stitches on his face and thankfully the cut didn't seem to hurt him at all - must be my pain threshold obviously, and not my husbands!

He had one nice day off of school letting the cut heal a bit and setting a train set up in the garden and settling himself down to watch it go round and round.

Then he was back to school and totally fine. The white butterfly stitches fell off on Sunday revealing the cut and other stitches underneath, which looked pretty scary to me. I was dreading the stitches coming out, which happened yesterday.

But my little boy amazed me again. Thanks to Nurse Viv, who was lovely and a true expert she managed to get them out without a whimper.

There was a bit of a scab half hanging off this morning, but the boy has far more patience than me as I would have been picking at it non-stop, but he has left it totally alone!
The Doctor did a lovely job sewing up (her hand sewing if far better than mine!) and I do think he will only have a small scar. 

Once it has healed a little more I was thinking of getting some Bio-oil for it - unless anyone out there has any other creams/ointments they can reccommend to fade facial scars?
Thanks again - hopefully my next post will be something a bit more cheery!

Ps Totaly unrelated but I couldn't resist putting it in, the picture below shows D dressed up for her space day at school - she decided she had to go as an Alien!


Seymour said...

Hi Helen, it looks as if the scar is going to heal very neatly. Phoebe has a scar under her chin - she cut it open when she fell at a mum and toddler group (looking at it made me want to throw up). It healed really well and is a faint white line. She really likes it now for some weird reason. Mind you, she doesn't remember the trauma - I couldn't hold her down. I made Richard do it while I was outside sobbing. Getting the stitches out was horrible though and I was there for that, so Nurse Viv did you proud!

Pomona said...

I was so sorry to hear all about this! I really do feel for you, and have had a few trips to A&E in my time, some of which made me feel like I had been such a neglectful parent. As to the scar, It is amazing how quickly children heal, and in my experience boys don't seem to mind if there is a little mark - they make up entertaining stories of the sword fight variety in connection with such things.

Thank you for your lovely comments below - I feel all embarrassed! Your makeup bag has gone to cheer up someone who is undergoing a few trials at the moment. It was lovely to meet you, and I am sorry that you didn't have such a good day. I think times are tough at the moment for all sorts of businesses.

Pomona x

Pomona said...

I forgot to say - do come and join my giveaway - a chance for some good fortune?

Pomona x

Simply H said...

Thanks Seymour - oh dear your stitches experience with Phoebe sounds awful, it must have been much harder to explain to a toddler.
Thanks Pomona - have joined your giveaway, what a brilliant one! Glad the purse has gone to cheer someone up - hope they are ok.
Re F's scar, I do think he will have one but yes I agree it will look 'cool' on a boy, girls are much more self-conscious about things like that! x

Ali said...

I thought my eldest's eyebrow incident was BOUND to leave a scar, but nothing. These children heal so well (good thing really!)