Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The good and the bad

The last few days have been a bit of a mixed bag really.
The Summer Market was good...but not as good as the Christmas one  so a little bad and the ugly? Well that was yesterday which was just an awful day, but more about that later!

Lets start with the good.

I had a great pitch at the Summer Market and lots of room to set up my stall. Of course I didn't take many pictures, I always forget!

The very best thing about the day was sharing it with my lovely Mum, who you can see above. I did enjoy spending the day with her and my little lady (no picture of her though - I am rubbish!). So that was all good. I  sold quite a few things so it wasn't a loss at all but there just didn't seem to be quite the same amount of people through the door as last time.

Someone who made an effort to come was the lovely Pomona. It was so nice to meet her and she was every bit as nice in person as she seems in her beautifully written blog. She also brought one of my patchy purses which was very kind of her!  So thank you so much for coming Pomona, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Another visitor was my lovely best friend Vicki - who came for a wander round with her little man. My little D was very excited to see them, in truth I think she was getting a tad bored as stall keeping was not quite as exciting as she imagined, so she was very glad to see them!

So the fair was the good and now onto the bad.

That all happened yesterday just before dinnertime when during a very stupid game in the garden involving tying a rope onto F's bike and attaching it to a toy car as a trailer and then riding round our very small back garden (nothing to do with me I might add!!!). F was in the car/trailer which toppled over and he fell out -  his face landing on something sharp (we are not totally sure what we think it may have been a sharp flint or broken plastic cup) which cut his lower cheek, just above his mouth and nearly went all the way through to his gum.

I will never forget the awful cry F made, my gut just dropped and as I knew something terrible was wrong. He literally had a 2 cm hole in his cheek which freaked me and my husband out. Nice to know neither of us are very calm in a crisis! We did the only thing we could think of - ran and got Vicki! Vicki I am pleased to say was very calm and whisked D away back to her house and we rushed F to the local minor injuries clinic, who freaked out at the thought of sewing up a cut so deep and sent us to Ashford Hospital.

An hour and a half wait later and we had the worst part to come when me, my husband and the ward sister had to hold F down whilst the Dr injected the local anesthetic into F's gaping hole, whilst he screamed his little heart out in agony and fear all the while staring straight at me wondering why the hell I was letting the Dr's do this to him. It was totally horrendous and I felt so helpless. Luckily once it was numb the stitches weren't too bad to do and two stictches and lots of white strips later we were on our way home. All emotionally, physically and mentally drained.

I am totally in awe of this little man.  He was so incredibly brave and strong and just totally amazing. He slept like a baby last night and we kept him off school today and thankfully he doesn't have any pain from it, but please don't let me go through that again EVER!

Now we just have the stitches coming out in 5 days time to look forward to...eeek!


Nanny Sue said...

I've tried 3 times to leave a message on facebook for Felix but to no avail - so, here it is now:

Poor, poor little man, We do hope you are feeling better soon. Love Nanny Sue and Grandad Paul

B said...

Poor, poor boy. I know exactly what you've been through. It's so gut wrentching. When my Max was 4 he was running along the pavement while I pushed Eva in the buggy. I turned around to tell him to take his hands out of his pockets just as he fell face first into the edge of a brick wall. Leaving a 2 inch hole just above his eye (much the same as F's) I was on our local High Street, so heart in mouth, I squashed them both (somehow)into the buggy and legged it up to my doctors surgery where luckily one of the doctors agreed to stitch it. Then we had the same "hold him down and hear him scream" nightmare. Something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. When I say I know what you've been through, I really mean it...hugs to you and your poor little man. x

Ali said...

Poor little lad. Though I really believe the agony is worse for the parents. Hope he heals fast!

Hannah said...

Helen, I cried when I read about your poor little boy's accident - that must have shaken you all up a lot. I'm glad VIcki was there to help you out!

Your stall at the Horsebridge fair looks lovely - if I had been there, I most definitely would have gravitated towards your beautiful stitched goods!

jennyflower said...

Can't type straight for the tears. It tears your heart to see them in pain huh? Hugs all around xxx

Simply H said...

Thanks so much for all your heart felt comments, I really, really appreciate them and I'm sorry for bringing tears to a few eyes. I am pleased to say F is fine and still being very brave when we have been talking about the stitches coming out - which happens on Monday. The horror of the day is still with us, but thankfully my boys gorgeous smile makes it easy put it behind us x

Gina said...

I've only just caught up with my blog reading and heard about your poor little man. It sounds as though he was very brave. Pleased to hear the removal of the stitches went well.

Simply H said...

Thanks Gina x