Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mini patchwork

I've been busy making and creating this week. Having a good rumage through my fabric stash, I realised I had lots of small fabric pieces crying out to be used. And so my patchy make-up purses were born.

They were a bit time consuming making all the mini crazy patchworks, but I was quite pleased with them - more owing to the lovely fabric scraps I had as most were left over from the scrappy pack I brought from Treefall!

I've also been sewing birdcages - I think they are becoming a new obsession!

I haven't spent the whole week sewing though! As it was half-term I had a really lovely week with the kids and we had a nice sunny day at the beach.

And my little lady was in heaven this week when she spotted this Flamenco dress in a 'new' second-hand shop in town. I had to get it for her and she has worn it non stop ever since! I do love how she calls it her 'flamingo' dancing dress!!


Anonymous said...

OOoooo the dress looks fab, no wonder she wants to keep putting it on!
The purses look sweet and I'm glad you're enjoying stitching bird cages and wee birds, they are my fave to stitch at the mo too! all looking good you! Kirsty x

Pomona said...

I love the patchwork purses - worth the effort, as they look really pretty. I remember when my daughter was given a cast-off flamingo dress - she was ecstatic - and the best way to get them, as they are rather expensive new!

Pomona x

Monica said...

lovely little purses... I think working with scraps is great!

Simply H said...

Poor flamingo dress has retired to bedroom whilst the little lady is at school! Thanks for your comments ladies x

leslie said...

these are great!!