Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Taking the Plunge

I have mentioned quite a few times the little independent shop Taking the Plunge in Whitstable where I sell my wares and help out in. I realised I had never shown any pictures of this lovely shop and all the special bits and pieces you find inside, so last time I was in I went armed with my camera to share with you this lovely little gem of a shop!

Bracelets galore!

Cards made from vintage cigarette/playing cards (I forget which! they are lovely anyway)

If I had a £1 for every time someone asks if the fabulous crown is for sale! It's not but is one of the many vintage props dotted in amongst everything for sale. Another item not for sale is the vintage tin with the ice-skaters on!

Crumpet & Skirt mugs with saucy fifties bombshells at the bottom.

Behind the counter where there is a 'boy crying' picture, original 70s wallpaper and a lovely lamp.

An old hoover, another shop prop and yes, sadly I am old enough to remember these being used!

Little Bird purses and glasses cases - she is local lady and so talented, I just love her stuff! She doesn't seem to have a blog or anything though.

A couple of my cushions, not much of my stock in there at the moment as I have been making for the fair that I am doing in a few weeks. There are a few mermaid dolls but I forgot to photograph them.

Fly-off-the-shelves bracelets by Stephanie Thornley - made from Spode china pieces and vintage buttons - beautiful.

And finally the lovely old till (that still makes the nice 'kerching' noise when you open it).
Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of a great shop and next time you are in Whitstable do pop in or you can always have a look online at their shiny new website http://www.takingtheplungewhitstable.com/


Letticeleaf said...

You didn't take a photo of the outside so I know where to head when I next hit town. A super-duper shop, love it. LLX

Simply H said...

Oh good point LetticeLeaf! I will try and take one and add it to this post when I am next passing. In the meantime the homepage of their website is pretty much an illustration of the outside of the shop - complete with 'Keep clear for coaches' sign and blue and white awning, so it will give a bit of a clue to what the outside is like x