Monday, 23 May 2011

Summer Market makes

It suddenly hit me over the last week that the Horsebridge Summer Market I signed up to do a few months back is now in less than 4 weeks time!  Eek! I have got lots of ideas for things I want to make but I hadn't made that much stock.  As I did really well at the Christmas Horsebridge Fair, I knew this was mainly due to have a huge amount of stock on my stall - the more there is the more you are likely to sell seems to work for me anyway!

So I have finally started making some bits and pieces ready for my stall and thought I would give you a few sneaky looks at what I will have on offer on the Simply h stall....

Hmmm it's all looking a bit blue at the moment and can you tell what my 'theme' seems to be!


Hannah said...

wow, Helen, what a lovely selection of lovingly crafted beauties! I love the little light houses - what a brilliant idea!The people of Whitstable are fortunate to have you selling your wares to them : )

Pomona said...

I will have to come and have a look - now which is the Horsebridge Centre? I know Whitstable, but am not good on street names.

Hope you will join in my giveaway on my blog!

Pomona x

mum said...

Hi Helen,

What a lovely selection of goods - I like the lighthouse key rings!!!and the materials of the heart shaped lavender bags.

Looking forward to coming and helping on the day.

Simply H said...

Thanks for your comments.
Hannah - the lighthouse keyrings were my mum's idea, so I'll give her full credit!
Pomona - yes, popping to your blog now! oh and the Horsebridge Centre is on Horsebridge Road - opposite Zizi's and next to Pearsons by the beach!
Mum - thanks for all your ideas and looking forward to spending the day with you xx