Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Drawing on fabric

I love the blog Flossie Teacakes, the girl is a genius with a sewing machine and everything she makes always looks so immaculately made, including the beautiful clothes she makes for herself, so simple and yet so very stylish.

So when I read on her blog about some Frixion pens she was using, I took note! Florence I think uses them more for her dressmaking, but for me I thought they would be perfect for drawing illustrations on fabric and then free motion embroidering over them.

The reason they are so perfect for this is because they are rollerball pens, so very easy to draw with, but once you have sewn over them and want to lose the pen lines all you need to do is...iron and the lines will disappear right before your eyes!

They are just brilliant! I got mine on ebay and they were about £5 for 3 pens and well worth the money so make sure you order some quick smart.


Ali said...

Hadn't thought of that, but you're right - they're perfect! As are your embroideries!

Just Original said...

Decision made, I have been pondering over them since seeing the same blog post!

Vanessa x

Pomona said...

I love Flossie Teacakes, too. The pens are a great idea - I love the embroidery you have done.

Pomona x

Monica said...

oh... are they just normal pens too? or specific for fabric?

I say they're genius!

Simply H said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! The pens are brilliant, I can't recommend them enough - Monica I am not sure you can use them as a normal pen or not - I suspect if you wrote on paper and left it in a sunny spot for a while the writing would disappear - Maybe I will experiment!