Friday, 5 August 2011


My followers list seem to have disappeared from my blog?
Any idea where they might have gone or how I get them back!!
Thank you


Gina said...

I've lost mine on the PC too yet when I view my blog on my laptop I can see them so I think it must be to do with which operating system/browser is being used. I'm trying to sound very knowledgeable here but I don't really know what I'm talking about other than one uses Windows xp and the other Windows 7

Hannah said...

I can see your followers, so either you've managed to solve the problem, or it's fixed itself!

Ali said...

They've reappeared! And I was here anyway.

Simply H said...

Thank you all - I still can't see my followers when I view my blog, but as you all can it is obviously something to do with our computer!!

Pomona said...

I can see your followers, too - might be your browser, especially if you are using Explorer which often causes problem. Try Firefox or Chrome?

Pomona x