Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Seaside bunting

I've been a bit lazy with the poor old sewing machine lately, but I did make a few seaside buntings which I left on top of my sewing machine and forgot about!
I finally decided to photograph them and stick them into my folksy shop. They proved so hard to photograph though (which is why I think I had forgotten about them) as it appears we have no nice doorways, windows, wardrobes, sheds etc that would show up the bunting well enough when I tried to take a picture of them!

My 60s chairs came in nice and handy!

I'm still not sure with how they turned out  - they are listed on the chair and then hanging from our oyster picture so you can see them properly.

I normally just take pictures on a white background but I am thinking of opening an etsy shop and have been reading lots of helpful advice re setting up a shop. They suggest that seeing the product as it would be used (a dress on a person rather than model, a girl with a doll rather than on its own etc).
But white looks so clean and lovely!

Hmm still not sure....

By the way you have to look at this beautiful blog - its bloomin gorgeous!!
I want her shed, her jewellery all of the vintage clothes in her shop and hell I'd even go camping if I could do it in half as much style....


Hannah said...

Hi Helen, your bunting looks fabulous! I love its seaside theme : ) I've just opened up a little shop on folksy, and photographing bunting strung between trees in the park & woods next to my house has become my new favourite game!

And oh, wow, I looked at the Rust blog - a-maz-ing! I love it! thanks for sharing the inspiriation : )

Anonymous said...

I have been in love with Artemis's blog for too long now, just can't help myself.... Kirsty x