Monday, 5 September 2011

Summery days

My kids were back to school today.
I have to confess, much as I was looking forward to a little bit of peace...I really missed the noisy little monkeys!! I managed to keep myself busy by giving the house a HUGE clean up - I only managed to do upstairs as well, which of course meant a sneaky clear out and tidy of their bedrooms. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before they realise something they haven't played with or read for the last year is suddenly missing!

Tomorrow I tackle downstairs and I am hoping some time this week to put some sewing ideas into practice as I hardly seemed to have anytime to sew over the summer holiday. We did have lots of family fun together, which is what it is all about.

The photos in this post were all taken at Ramsgate (best ever fish & chips from Peter's Fish Factory - yum!) and Joss Bay where we went for the day in the last week of the holidays.

We finished the day off back home in Whitstable with another gorgeous sunset.

I'll hopefully dust of the old sewing machine this week and have some new bits and pieces for show and tell!


Monica said...

our first day is tomorrow... I had great plans for today... but the weather is just awful.

What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Or when your two are at my house and they say, "Oh I had this book/outfit/toy." !! x

Just Original said...

My little dear went back to school today, but out of choice I decided to go straight into work. So my chill out day is tomorrow which will consist mainly of cleaning & sorting just like your day it seems!

Hope you manage to get some creative time in soon!

Vanessa x

Debs said...

Re. cleaning out children's rooms:
I remember cleaning out my daughter's room and taking a load of redundant soft toys to the charity shop. A few days later we were in the shop together and she held a toy aloft saying "I have one like this", "Yes Tess" "Mummy, this one smells like Nanny" "Does it Tess?". "Mummy this is mine isn't it? Nanny gave it to me, I thought I'd lost it!" OOps!!!

Simply H said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. Glad I am not the only one sorting things out - they haven't realised what has gone yet! Oh dear Debs, I hope Tess forgave you!
Ps I did manage a bit of creative yesterday, new blog post soon!