Saturday, 12 June 2010

Harry Hill and coffee mornings

It has been a busy old week for us and a good one.
We don't go out that much, as is the case when you have small kids and not much money! But a few months ago I treated us to some tickets to see Harry Hill at our tiny little Playhouse Theatre in Whitstable. Harry Hill has a holiday home here and had a week long stint at the Playhouse, which was very exciting. I always hope that I will see him around town, but without those glasses, big shirt collars etc I would think he looks very different!
Needless to say, we had a fantastic time and thought he was completley hilarious. He always gives me belly laughs on TV burp, and live he was just as funny - a bit more random. In between jokes he would suddenly start sining Lady Ga Ga's Bad Romance and other songs!

I also did a bit of making  this week- anyone bored of cushions yet! They are all I seem to make at the moment, but more sold already. I really must make some for my poor, neglected Folksy shop, which incidently has just one item in it, as it was so neglected I failed to realise the date had run out for my other listings and they were all de-listed! One of these days I will add more.

Today it was finally the Charity coffee morning organised by my friend Vicki. She had put in so much hard work, it was such a pleasure to be part of it  - we were all very proud of her as she made so much money! The raffle had some amazing prizes, one of which was a gorgeous handmade apron by a local lady Karen Mansfield - which I won! (the red gingham on the picture below).
I donated one of my mermaid dolls and Me plus Molly had donated a gorgeous clutch bag. There was also a cake stall for which we had all made cakes - the table was bare by the end of the morning!
That is is for now, as we are off for a BBQ at Vicki's now to celebrate a successful morning (and yes, to watch the first England game in some little football tournament that seems to be taking place at the moment!).

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meplusmolly said...

Thanks for the mention! So glad your friends fund raising was so successful, hope you enjoyed your BBQ ;0 x